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Balance Number: 4

What does an Balance Number of 4 mean?

Try not to take issues that have emotional impact too hard. Keep you anger in check. Remember that self-discipline is your greatest ally so learn how to cultivate it when life is simple so you have that skill to pull out when things get complicated.

Keep your focus on the big picture and bear in mind that in life there is always going to be give and take. Remember that justice should always be balanced and tempered with mercy. Do not withhold forgiveness and try to view the things that people do that make you angry with an attitude of compassion. DECIDE that you are going to understand and relate. Always be willing to take that all-important walk in the other guy's shoes. Try to view the situation from the perspective of your adversary and be willing to see what IS, not what you perceive. There are always aspects of every problem that we naturally want to ignore or work around. Be prepared to face them and deal with them.