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Balance Number: 2

What does an Balance Number of 2 mean?

Tact and diplomacy are your best weapons in all personal battles. Leave your emotions out of it. They will only slow you down. Have faith in yourself and have trust in your intuition. The solution will present itself if you just trust your ability to see it. Face your problems head-on. Never cower. Never retreat. Work on defusing as many bombs as possible before they explode. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention....

Do stand up to your problems but also be willing to compromise in the interest of conflict resolution. Keep everything in proper perspective and don't make more of a problem out of something than there is to be made. Your sensitive nature can throw things off balance. Learn how to stay centered and focused. You attract harmony and balance as part of your nature so take advantage of this. You have the opportunity to be a person who brings peace to volatile situations. Use this ability for the greater good.