Daily Tarot Today

Daily Tarot

For Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Today's tarot card is the Three of Cups, which is often considered a celebratory card. This ties in nicely with the arrival of Mercury in Leo.

Are you ready for a party? The Three of Cups depicts three ladies dancing in celebration as they hold aloft their cups; this card is traditionally thought to mean happy emotional news, cause for celebration and the giving of congratulations.

Mercury arrives in Leo today, and he certainly has his party hat on. Leo is a very showy and over the top sign, and when Mercury transits Leo, we communicate in larger than life gestures, such as the throwing of a surprise party for a loved one. It's all smiles, and all air kisses; anything which is rather deeper or more unsavory is pushed to the background while we maintain our public image of dignity and largesse.

So it is today. The Three of Cups does indeed bring happy news, but it can also mask a more concerning issue which is the elephant in the room. Enjoy your day by all means, but don't allow Leo in Mercury to distract you completely from anything important which needs your attention.