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For Friday, April 25th, 2014

Friday's tarot card is the Eight of Pentacles - a lovely sturdy card which promises rewards and future growth. It ties in nicely with today's astrological aspects, including the Sun-Mercury conjunction and the Venus-Saturn trine.

In the Rider Waite tarot, the Eight of Pentacles depicts a young man leaning on his staff as he admires the pentacle-filled plant in front of him. He looks tired, but satisfied. The general meaning of the Eight of Pentacles is that your hard work will be rewarded, but that you must keep going - keep tending that plant - in order to keep the rewards coming.

Today's Sun-Mercury conjunction is in Taurus, that most earthy and growth loving of signs, and indicates a solid partnership between ego and communication; we're working hard now, and we're making intelligent decisions about our future plans, just like the young man in the Eight of Pentacles. Fun and luxury loving Venus is in Pisces, so taking a more spiritual approach to her partying than normal, and she trines sensible, responsible Venus, so our pleasure seeking impulses are also being reigned in sufficiently to allow for future growth.

Overall, the message from today's tarot is a very positive one. The Eight of Pentacles basically says "keep on keeping on". There should be a good degree of satisfaction around today, which encourages us to repeat more of the same.