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Rational Thought Number

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The Rational Thought Number is one that not every Numerologist uses or gives too much attention on the chart. This is surprising considering what it signifies. In reality, this number matters. It is a number that gets deeper inside the head of the individual than many and can provide insights into virtually all the other numbers.

Simply put, the Rational Thought Number reveals what is best described as the way you think. Men and women have distinct ways of thinking as do people from different cultures and parts of the world.

Theses are just some of the reasons why there are so many different opinions and perspectives among people on everything from politics to religion to the best wine to serve with duck confit. Your Rational Thought Number helps to at least categorize, if not explain, the differences and similarities, but it does so on a very personal level.

Now, don't expect to glean any kind of psychoanalysis based on your Rational Thought Number. It can tell you the basics. Are you a pragmatist? Are you a critical thinker? A cynic? A dreamer? Do you tend to “think outside the box?” Remember that every number on your chart makes up an intricate puzzle and every piece matters.

Calculating Your Rational Thought Number

You can find your Rational Thought number by first adding the sum of the numerical values of all of the letters which make up your first name (the full first name you were given at birth). Next, add to it your day of birth (the day of the month you were born – if that was November 12, then 12 is the number you want here).

Let's make up a new friend for this equation.

Victor Howard Newell

Since we're only interested in his first name, we'll calculate the value of “Victor.”

4+9+3+2+6+9 = 33; 3+3 = 6

The numerical value of “Victor” is 6.

Now, let's give Victor a birthday of April 21.

6+21 = 27; 2+7 = 9.

Victor's Rational Thought Number is 9.

Now calculate your own Rational Thought Number and find its meaning below.

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