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Three Of Cups

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Popular media enjoys showing friendship among women. They like showcasing a group of female friends, living their lives intertwined and deriving joy from their shared bond. The women often end up in stressful or frightening situations on the individual level, but they always have their friends to turn to for advice. What audiences enjoy seeing in these particular type of friendship circles is the emotional bonding and nurturing that is freely traded between the women. This sort of bond is what the Three of Cups is all about.

In this scene we see three joyous women, happily dancing back and forth with one another. The women are adorned in the garb of the harvest – around them on the ground lay ripe fruit, and they are adorned in colors of red, white, and gold. They are clearly celebrating, though whether it is because of a certain event or simply for the joy of it, we cannot say. What we can say, however, is that these women are intent on celebrating with one another. They each have a cup held high, and have entwined their arms together in the air.

Three Of Cups

Friendship is beautiful, and there is a key component to friendship that some are afraid to mention – emotional connection. The women in this picture hoist their cups high – the cups, of course, representing their emotion. When they are together, these women aren't afraid to show off the glory of their emotional power. Friends make you healthy and happy due, in part, to their supportive nature. When you hoist your cup, so do they!

Where there are friends gathered together, there is frivolity. This card represents the fun that can be had when a group of supportive, sharing people get together. Look in your life for these people, so that you can gather and enjoy each others company. Of course, this card needn't only represent specific friends – it can refer to any community, especially a local one that is within easy reach. If you aren't able to identify a group of friends of a specific community that helps you out in this way, this card is asking you to seek them out actively! Everyone needs this variety of support in their life in order to live in a healthy, rounded way.

A few things to ask yourself when you see the Three of Cups in your readings. Who is my support network? Do I have close friends who I can rely on emotionally? When was the last time I got to hang out with them? Should I pursue a new gathering/community/group? What priority do I give my friends in my everyday life?

The Three of Cups has a good deal in common with the Four of Wands: both showcase celebration and excitement, especially in groups. If you happen to see those two cards close together in a reading, know to expect so exciting, joyful times! The Three of Pentacles also has a lot of similarities with the Three of Cups when it comes to working together with a group, community, or other gathering of people. The Three of Pentacles focuses more on what these groups can get done when they work together on the physical plane, while the Three of Cups focuses more on emotional support and power.

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