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The Wheel Of Fortune

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There are many places you can go with your life, many directions that lead in completely different ways. What would have happened if you had a difference major in college? Never met the friends you have? Never decided to date an old ex? Made a left turn instead of a right? The Wheel of Fortune is what lies at the spot where all of those decisions have yet to be made. Many things are in the hands of fate. When you're waiting for those decisions to arrive, those paths to be unblocked, those windows to open when you're stuck at a locked door... you're face-to-face with the Wheel of Fortune.

On the face of the Wheel of Fortune card we have the wheel of the goddess Fortuna, more commonly known as Fate herself. The four beasts in the corner of the cards, the ones holding books, are the classic symbols for the four Evangelists – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John of the Christian Bible. The four letters within the circle spell are T-A-R-O, and the symbols are Hebrew letters that spell out Y-H-W-H, meaning Yahweh, the god of Israel.

The Wheel Of Fortune

A good deal of metaphor is packed into this one card, and that is due to the idea of Fate itself. Some tie Fate in with religious ideas, such as the Christian God, Yahweh, Fortuna, or the Greek Fates. Some see fate as a more general object, more likened unto the idea of karma than a god or goddess.

Fate. Fortune. Destiny. We use many words for that force in our lives that seems to guide us to the right path. Whatever you believe about the nature of destiny, when you pull this card you'll want to consider it in an honest,y forthright way. If you believe in fate, where do you see it influencing your life? If you don't believe in fate, what sort of words can you substitute in? Even if you consider the Wheel of Fortune card to mean “crazy random happenstance”, it still holds the same meaning. Look for those places where things simply seem to be going right, and open yourself to those possibilities.

This card can reference more than just destiny – it can reference, even more importantly, a turn in fortune. If you've been having a terrible time in your life, where nothing seems to be going right, you'll want to be open to experiencing a change in that. If everything seems to be going alright for you, you might want to keep your eye out for a turn in your fortune... not everything can go perfectly forever.

Most importantly, this card can be a sign that you need to let go of a tight grasp that you have on your life. If you plan everything down to the minutia, there are no openings for fate to wiggle it's way in. You may be actively turning down wonderful, unknown paths due to your regimen. Let go of the wheel for a while – you'll be surprised at what happens next.

When you see this card in your readings, ask yourself a few “fateful” questions. What do you think about the concept of fate? Do you have a destiny? Can you be open to big, unexpected changes in your life? Are you willing to let go of the wheel and let what will happen, happen?

The Wheel of Fortune is singular in it's representation – few cards come anywhere close to standing for what this card does. The Seven of Pentacles can represents a shifting or change in your life, but is unrelated otherwise. The Four of Swords can be a great preparation card that is needed for the Wheel of Fortune to take effect. The Four calls for a silence, a peace, and letting go... exactly what Fate needs to step in and lead your life in a whole new direction.

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