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The Sun

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“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray.” The lyrics are well-known enough to put a fantastic picture of sunshine in your mind. And what is linked up with sunshine? Happiness. The two have been linked at some point in almost every society. Scientists have discovered that certain vitamins can only be gained through sunlight hitting our skin, and... no surprise... that vitamin plays a huge part in beating off depression and keeping us smiling. The Sun card takes these energies and puts them all in one place!

On this card we see a great and mighty sun, bearing the face of a human. The rays from the sun spread far and wide, all the ways to the edges of the card. Beneath the sun, we see a white horse with a small boy for a rider – he has his arms spread wide, and a look of joy on his face. Behind him is a wall from which sprout sunflowers – in fact, the young boy seems to have made himself a crown from those flowers!

The Sun

Happiness. Pure, unadulterated happiness. Depending on where you are, what you do in your life, and who you spend your time with, happiness may or may not be something you experience often. When the Sun card comes into play, however, you should start seriously thinking about your happiness, where you get it, and how much of it you are getting. Be open to happiness - the Sun card is a sign that joy will come knocking on your door soon, if it hasn't already.

What's one way to feel happy? To experience a sense of accomplishment – to really feel as if you're a glorious individual. People can tell you that you should feel this way until they are blue in the face, but when you reach your spotlight and shine in it, there is no substitution for the feeling. Search for your spot in the sun – if you deserve some glory and glowing for work that you have done or deeds you've performed, now is the time you should be soaking it in.

When you hit a point of pure happiness, something unexpected might happen. This unexpected turn of events may be what the Sun is pointing to – an epiphany. Quite literally, enlightenment! While the Hanged Man discovers the unknown through sacrifice, the Sun tells you to find the unknown through triumph. The feeling that you are worthy of greatness comes with it's own realizations and revelations – take them in now, while you can.

There are a few wonderful questions you should ask yourself when drawing the Sun card. Where is your joy found? Can you be open to happiness? Should you be happier now than you are? If you have accomplished something, are you giving yourself enough credit and praise?

The World card can be viewed in a very similar fashion as the Sun card. The Sun radiates happiness, warmth, and accomplishment, while the World also hones in on the vastness of accomplishment. The World, however, is focused on a larger accomplishment, often one that involves many other people. The Sun is more about personal accomplishment rather than victory on a more public scale. You may be surprised by the comparison, but the Tower share some similarities with the Sun as well. Both the Sun and the Tower tell you to prepare for enlightenment.

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