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The Moon

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Most of us have had a time where we were outside, in the dark, and all alone. No bright light visible – only the Moon. For those out in the dark on their own, the Moon becomes a symbol: it becomes the night, everything we fear lies in the darkness, and all the things we secretly hope are waiting for us. There is nothing familiar... not anymore. The only familiar thing is the anchor in the sky... the Moon.

In the Moon card, a large yellow moon hangs over the world, wearing the face of a woman. Her eyes are shut tight, though for what reason we can't be sure. She hangs between two white towers on the ground below. Two dogs bark and howl at the moon from below, and even a lobster has come to see what the fuss is about. The ground below is lit brightly, so that it seems as bright as daytime. A long, winding path leads from the lobster all the way into the distant hills... where the rest of it leads we can't see.

The Moon

The Moon rules over the realms of dreams, visions, the fantastical, and the mysterious. It's the land that the High Priestess knows, and the Hanged man has understood. These mysteries, however, are a little less savory. This magic is a magic that few people know. This place is where madmen live, and where the poets and artists and creative souls come to visit. The Moon gives us a silent promise that everything we see (or don't see) can't be ours to enjoy – we just have to give in to a little madness.

The card mimics what it feels like to be alone, out under the moonlight – a bit fantastical, and a bit frightening. We land in places like this all the time, where nothing seems familiar. We are frightened and excited, and then frightened all over again. The Moon may be telling you to gain an objective perspective on your situation – things may be frightening now, but the night is only a stage of the day, and the Moon will turn to reveal a sun.

That's not to say that the Moon card is negative – many people always look at the Moon with great excitement, and are glad to see it in their readings. There's a sweet, seductive, heady power that this card represents. See how you can apply this disassociation to your life – is it something you should avoid, is it something that you need to persevere through, or is it something you should revel in?

It's hard to question the Moon with words – much of what it speaks in is feeling, emotion. How do you feel about the unknown? Are you willing to be a little afraid in order to learn about yourself? How do you cope with fear? Do you need to escape the Moon, or give in to it?

If the Moon card strikes fear into your heart, you will find some similar with the Eight of Swords. The woman in the Eight card is blind-folded and bound, unsure of where she can step safely. In the land of the Moon you are not physically bound or blinded, but for some the darkness and strange shapes lit by the moonlight can be just as confusing. The Seven of Cups can mimic the sort of positivity seen in the Moon – many unknown things hide within the cups in the Seven card, and these things could be positive or negative.

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