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The Fool

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You begin your journey through the Major Arcana where everyone begins their journey – at the very beginning. This card isn't even consider to be “number one” - the number on the card is in fact “zero”. Starting from “ground zero” is considered the best place to begin, and so it goes with this card.

On the Fool card, we see a beautiful man who is very young in his years. His clothing is beautiful, an array of colors and shapes. In his one hand is a walking stick with a pack attached, and in the other hand is a stunning little white flower. At his feet is a small white dog, presumably a companion to the boy. The sun is shining brilliantly behind him, not a cloud in the sky. The sun in above craggy mountains that seem blue in the distance, and even possibly snow-tipped. The young man's foot rests on the edge of a cliff, and his gaze is skyward, hopeful.

The Fool

The Fool card refers to new adventures – striking out on your own (or with a helpful side-kick, like the white dog) in order to reach new heights. You might not know exactly where you're going... the young man certainly doesn't seem to, with the wistful way he travels!... but you've made that first step. He also seems to be rather unprepared for his trip, with his small sack: this could refer to spontaneousness is coming to the forefront of your life.

Like every tarot card, the Fool has it's positive and negative aspects – more important to note is that these aspects don't have to be at odds with each other. Often times, both the negative and positive aspects of the Fool are present in a situation at once – a person can be starting out on a new beginning, but is foolish or naive about how to proceed with it. Look at how close he's wandering to the edge of that cliff! Does he know that if he takes another step, his journey will be over before it began? Or is he too caught up in the grand ideas of adventure, excitement, and trust that he is willing to go wherever his feet lead him?

When you pull the Fool in readings, there are a few questions you should begin to ask yourself. Do you feel as if you've recently embarked on a great journey, physically or metaphorically? If not, should you be? Have you taken my first steps boldly? Do you have faith in myself? Are you paying careful attention on this journey, or have you started out haphazardly? Are you acting foolishly out of intent, or are you being “played for a fool”?

There are similar cards in your tarot deck that can reinforce certain aspects and ideas of the Fool. The Three of Wands can also reference a journey, though it defines the journey as one of introspection, self-discovery, and broadening of horizons. The Hanged Man, as odd as it may seem, shares a lot with the Fool – both ask for a little faith and a little bit of sacrifice. The difference between the Fool and the Hanged Man is this: one is journeying outwardly, one is staying still, exploring things without physically moving.

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