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The Chariot

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One day, when driving my car through the rain, I hit a puddle. Not just a puddle, mind you – it was a decently sized downpour, and the size of this “puddle” was evidence. When I hit the water, my car hydroplaned. I was grasping on to the wheel tightly, jerking it back and forth, but it wouldn't go where I was pointing. We all come to points where our lives are “hydroplaning”, spinning in directions that we feel we can't control. Thankfully, after the puddle passed, I was able to get my car back under control. When we gain control back that we once lost, it is an amazing feeling... but it isn't easy. This moment of regaining control is what the Chariot represents.

On the Chariot card we see a man decked out in armor, a crown on his head, and a guiding rod in his hand. He stands inside a luxurious chariot. Before the chariot lie the two animals driving it – two sphinx, one black and the other white. The sphinx are still, calm, and not going anywhere – the chariot driver looks to be completely under control of them, ready to get them moving at a moment's notice.

The Chariot

Simply put, this card represents victory. This victory is hard-won through determination and willpower. The chariot driver has spent time mastering his beasts, and now can thrive in the triumph of a well-won battle. The sphinx represent opposite sides of a spectrum – black and white. The fact that these opposing sphinx have been brought together in order to work towards a single goal in astounding.

This card may also be sending messages about your ego. We so often hear about ego as a negative trait, but this is only if it is carried on too far. A healthy ego is one that is balanced. You have to be able to believe in yourself, trust your own instincts, and dominate your own mind and body in order to achieve the sort of victory that the Chariot represents. This type of victory can only be achieved if you believe you can achieve it... thus, you must have a healthy, balanced ego.

Of course, a chariot driver can't get his wild, untamed mounts to calm down unless he asserts himself! This card may be telling you that you have to do you just that. Self-confidence is a powerful ally, and can help you conquer any foe... even yourself. You will need to think about where in your life you should be asserting yourself in order to achieve results.

Ask yourself these questions when you pull the Chariot card. Where should I be asserting myself? Do I feel like I'm a self-confident person? What opposing elements in my life do I need to bring under control? Can these elements work together?

The Magician and the Chariot share similarities in as far as willpower goes – only willpower can make the Magician create his magic, and only willpower can lead the chariot driver to his victory over his mounts. The Six of Wands also highlights a triumph, but the victory is more general, and not necessarily led by combining battling forces like in the Chariot card.

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