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Ten Of Cups

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There are many people who long for a family to call their own. They go long distances and put in many hours of hard work in order to procure a proper partner and give birth to children. Why? They seek a sort of peace and joy that they have been taught can only come from having a family of one's own. Through raising a family of their own, they reach emotional maturation. We all experience a unique happiness when spending time with our loved ones – whether they are family or friends, we love the feeling that we get when hanging out with these people. We feel peace, prosperity, and immunity towards the world's troubles. We work to rise up against petty emotions and quibbles to instead enjoy each others company while it lasts. This is the energy of the Ten of Cups.

In this card we see a rainbow arching across the sky, tend cups glistening and glowing from within it. The rainbow of cups spread over-top of a farm, with green growth and glistening streams. On the ground far below the rainbow stands a family, joyously celebrating the rainbow. The husband and wife hug each other, spreading their arms wide in awe and thankfulness. The two children dance playfully with one another, clearly as happy as their parents. This scene couldn't be happier!

Ten Of Cups

The Ten of Cups marks a full circle in the cups suite – we reach the end of an emotional “roller coaster”, finally settling on a feeling of well-being. This card symbolizes emotional wholeness – not feeling as if we are missing something, some piece of our emotional selves. We feel right, we feel whole, and we feel happy. This card is telling you that you are experiencing, or have the potential to experience, this type of emotional completeness.

This card is also the card of all positive emotion, especially that of love. Joy, delight, and harmony can all be found within this card, and within our daily lives. The Ten of Cups could be asking you to bring more of this joy and happiness into your life however you can. It's not always possible to radiate love and happiness, but don't think it simply comes naturally – sometimes, you have to work at it. Cultivate a positive attitude when you see this card in your readings!

Of course, this card can also point to family – familial ties, bonds, and the possibility for new members of the family to be added. If you are looking to create a loving, peaceful atmosphere to raise a child in, this card may be your sign that now is the time.

When you see this card, ask yourself a few key things. What makes you happy? Should you be happy? Could you be? When was the last time you felt at peace? Why? Do you think that happiness is available to you, right here and now? Can you pursue that joy? What do you feel about your loved ones? Would you be a healthier, happier individual if you spent more time with them?

The World is a great parallel card to the Ten of Cups – both showcase a delight in the world, as well as a peace and satisfaction. The only real difference between the World and the Ten of Cups is the source of the satisfaction – the Ten works specifically with emotional satisfaction. The Star also speaks of deep joy and peace, just as the Ten of Cups does – if you see these two cards together in your readings, you'll know that you are headed for a very positive time in your life!

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