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Seven Of Wands

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Some of us have felt we have had to be on the defensive for a long, long while. There are some who have been on guard their entire lives, waiting for the next trouble to fall. Often, these attacks come from those we love most of all – harsh judgments, restrictive demands, and limited ideas have all been piled on. The Seven of Wands says that you have been fending off these attacks for long enough, and now it's time to fight back!

On the Seven of Wands we see a young man on a craggy hill, holding out a wand in a defensive position. Coming at him are six other wands. We can't see specific opponents from our vantage point – for all we know, these wands could simply be sticking out of the ground, unmanned. The man, however, is quite ready to protect himself from these attacks – he brandishes his wand/staff in order to fend off these interlopers. In his stance, not only could he defend himself, but he could effectively push back.

Seven Of Wands

This card tells of being caught in a defensive position. This card may be saying that you are currently using your own creative energy to block off the attacks of others. This can be extremely stifling – it's hard to go out and do constructive things if you spend all your time blocking potential blows. For the man on the card, there is very little chance of escape – everywhere he turns, there are wands blocking his path. There are only two options left for him – to head back the way he came, or to fight fire with fire.

The second meaning of this card is, as you might have guessed, fighting back. The look on the man's face is one of anger – he doesn't feel as if it's right that he's being attacked. He could very well be pushing off his aggressors in the image, both a blocking and shoving maneuver. When you see this card in your readings, consider your current position in your struggle. Have you been blocking for too long? Have you always had to deflect blows? Is it time to step up for yourself and tell your attackers to shove off? The card could also be saying that your own aggressive attitude has kept the blows coming – if your reaction to attacks is to instantly attack back, you might want to change your behavior to one of disengagement.

Ask yourself these questions when you see the Seven of Wands. What are your personal battles? Have you been putting up with attacks for too long? Is it time you stood up for yourself? Is your own aggressive response provoking these attacks? How can you maintain a balance? How can you stop the blows from coming?

The Seven of Wands has a remarkable amount in common with the Five of Wands: the constant hassles and aggression are present in both cards, though the Seven speaks more about individual experiences and specifically aimed attacks. The Nine of Wands also points at a person on the defense, but the behaviors in the two cards are what differ – the many in the Nine of Wands is battered, bruised, and is waiting for the next attack, while the man in the Seven of Wands is currently facing an attack and is now fighting back!

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