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Page Of Wands

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The Page of Wands card has us standing in a desert, with only three small hills dotting the landscape. Before us is the page himself – a young lad in fiery colors of orange, red, and yellow. His cloak and jumper are both yellow, and the white hat on his head holds a large red feather. Even his foots look fiery – the bits of fabric hanging from them look like little flames. He holds before him a great wand/staff – he seems to be looking at it in awe, examining it and deciding what he should do with it.

To start with, we'll want to disambiguate court cards. They are often the most difficult to read, due to their general nature. It is easier to remember that a court card often signifies a person or entity: the sex of the person may not match that of the court card, but the attitude and persona will seem familiar. If it's clear, however, that the court card doesn't refer to a person, remember to break it down further. First, define what the suite stands for – e.x. Cups generally refers to emotion. Then take the role of that court card and apply it to the suite – e.x. A Page of Cups would be a young juvenile in the world of emotion, just as the Page of Swords is the inexperienced lad of thought. This can help you to decide what the court card is trying to tell you.

Page Of Wands

Person: The most noticeable trait of this young boy is his excitement. He finds something to do at every minute of the day, and is extremely enthusiastic for each of those things. “I'm going to go swing from the money bars! Now I'm going to race myself to the tree and back! Can you count my time?” He's also the kid that comes up with creative solutions to problems – he won't spend much time thinking about it, however, and will simply insist on his plan once he's created it. The Page would be in every activity he can get his hands on, and he has enough confidence to go into each one with his head held high.

Metaphor: The Page of Wands may be asking you to make the decisions that this young boy would make. The Wands suite is all about that action – that moment you go out and do something. Consider if you've been taking too much time planning or worrying about things... maybe the Page is telling you it's time to jump in feet first! Considering the level of excitement that this kid has, the Page may be telling you to find that excitement in your own life. Not feeling very enthusiastic? Pursue it! Remember what you love in your life, take steps to become involved, and create a reason to be excited today.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide what the Page of Wands card could mean for you. Do you know anyone like the Page of Wands? What could this person, and their life, be trying to teach you? Do you need any of the Page's traits in yourself? Are you confident? Inspired? Excited? What positive things will find their way into your life if you assume these traits?

The Ace of Wands and the Page of Wands have a good deal in common – this is mostly because the Page is essentially playing with the energies of the Ace for the first time, and discovering the brilliant possibilities. The Eight of Wands also shares some things in common with the Page – with a Page person in your life, you will often be roped into unexpected outings or adventures at a moment's notice, usually because they didn't know they wanted to do that thing until RIGHT that moment!

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