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Page Of Cups

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On the Page of Cups card we have a young man, standing on a sandy beach – behind him waves are forming. The boy holds a cup in his hand, which he is looking at in a fond, curious sort of way. A fish is popping out of the cup – oddly enough, the boy's hat also looks remarkably like a fish.

To start with, we'll want to disambiguate court cards. They are often the most difficult to read, due to their general nature. It is easier to remember that a court card often signifies a person or entity: the sex of the person may not match that of the court card, but the attitude and persona will seem familiar. If it's clear, however, that the court card doesn't refer to a person, remember to break it down further. First, define what the suite stands for – e.x. Cups generally refers to emotion. Then take the role of that court card and apply it to the suite – e.x. A Page of Cups would be a young juvenile in the world of emotion, just as the Page of Swords is the inexperienced lad of thought. This can help you to decide what the court card is trying to tell you.

Page Of Cups

Person: The young buy pictured here is not afraid to show his emotions – look at him smile at the cup in his hand, and the fish in it too! The boy is a caring loving, open young lad, not afraid to feel what he truly feels. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to befriend the fish in the cup (or if it's his handy way of carrying his fish-friend around!). The Page is also a young boy, and young people have the propensity for bursting out in an emotional fit, crying, or falling prey to moodiness. A child has a lot to learn about their world, but the Page of Cups already has already made a great start.

Metaphor: The card may be telling you to pursue the traits of the Page of Cups. If you find yourself emotionally distant or detached, make an extra effort to be open with your feelings. If you're normally an aloof person, thriving in your singularity, try to connect to people or rekindle old connections. Like the Page, try to create close relationships with new and unexpected people, animals, or etc.

When you see the Page of Cups, consider these questions. Does the Page represent a person or a set of traits? Should you pursue these traits? Should you work to recognize and connect with this person? How can being emotionally open benefit you? As a child of emotion, what do you have to learn about it? Can you actively pursue emotional knowledge, both on a inner and outer level?

Similar cards to the Page of cups are difficult to find, due to it being a court card, but there are a few. The Six of Cups has a similar child-like attitude as the Page of Cups, and both are deeply involved in the world of emotion. The Ace of Cups can be viewed as what the Page of Cups is trying to pursue – he has the cup in hand and, though he is still young, he is working hard to understand it and bring more of it's influences into his life.

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