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Nine Of Pentacles

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Standing on your own can be a frightening thing. It's part of what makes growing up such a challenge: we have to learn a whole new way of doing things, and finally disallow around parents from taking charge or our choices and lives. When we finally step out the door of our parent's home and into the realm of our own adulthood, it can be utterly terrifying... but just as gratifying!

In the Nine of Pentacles, we see a beautiful woman in the midst of a lush garden. The woman is lavishly adorned, sporting a long, flowing yellow gown and a noble hat. The garden itself is extremely abundant, overflowing with green leaves, red grapes, and shining coins. The woman even rests her one hand on the top most coin – the crest of a mountain of coins, notably. In her other hand, the woman holds a hawk or falcon, presumably used for hunting... a popular sport among noble ladies. Notably, the woman is alone – she has no guard, no male counter part, and no other ladies to speak of.

Nine Of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is the card of standing on your own two feet. This woman as finally stood all on her own – no help nor other assistance needed. She can manage on her own in her succulent garden – between the growing fruits and the bird of prey, she can have all the food she would ever need. This card is asking you to come in your own, and find ways to stand up all on your own.

The woman in the garden, alone with her hunting bird, represents a level of physical stability that can only be achieved on your own. Sometimes we need groups of people to help us get where we need to go, and other times we need guiding mentors to help us along the road... but sometimes, we achieve our goals all on our own. Celebrating with friends is a joy, but this kind of celebration... celebrating personal success... is a different type of sweet, and one that is worth experiencing.

Lastly, the Nine of Pentacles speaks of achieving person success. There are some goals that you might set for yourself that others may not or cannot understand. You want to pursue a world record, you want to get into a unique type of career, or maybe you simply want to have achieve a certain type of internal, personal growth. All that matters is that you want that goal – don't let others talk you out of it! This card is saying you can succeed in that goal if you keep at it.

Here are some things to ask yourself when you see this card in your readings. What do you need to do to step into your own? Is there anyone you rely on too much? Who is making your choices – you, or someone else? What do you need to do in order to stand on your own two feet? How can you attain and maintain stability?

Many cards in the pentacles suite speak of wealth, prosperity, and success, but there are two card outside of the suite that can be paired with the Nine of Pentacles – the Three of Wands and the Seven of Swords. The Three of Wands talks about personal power, and having the ability to blaze your own trail when needed – this goes right along with the stability and individuality expressed in the Nine of Pentacles. Likewise, the Seven of Swords can sometimes refer to needing to escape and to get out on your own, which the Nine of Pentacles card thoroughly endorses.

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