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Knight Of Swords

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The Knight of Swords is an imposing individual – the look on his face can tell you as much, and make you want to keep out of his way. This knight gallops across the same windy planes that the page of the same suite stood upon. The blues of his outfit are prominent, mixed with some red here and there. He drives his horse ahead at a frightening speed – even his horse seems to be looking back at him with a face that says, “Really? Must we go so fast?” From the look on the knight's face, however, he isn't going to let up under any circumstances.

To start with, we'll want to disambiguate court cards. They are often the most difficult to read, due to their general nature. It is easier to remember that a court card often signifies a person or entity: the sex of the person may not match that of the court card, but the attitude and persona will seem familiar. If it's clear, however, that the court card doesn't refer to a person, remember to break it down further. First, define what the suite stands for – e.x. Cups generally refers to emotion. Then take the role of that court card and apply it to the suite – e.x. A Page of Cups would be a young juvenile in the world of emotion, just as the Page of Swords is the inexperienced lad of thought. This can help you to decide what the court card is trying to tell you.

Knight Of Swords

Person: The Knight of Swords represents a hardened warrior, ready to cut someone to the core if need be. He is intelligent but not wise, cunning but unfeeling. Additionally, this knight heads directly for his goal, but he is too tactless in his approach. He is the type of knight that would rather kick down the door than turn the knob. He will be the one to explain why a situation should have gone differently, instead of simply accepting that the situation did not play out according to their well-laid plans. This knight is a painful friend, but an honest one.

Metaphor: The Knight is imparts both counsel and warning – his card tells you to pursue refinement in the positive areas he represents, but avoid his negative aspects at all costs. Pursue truth and honest, but try to avoid being too blunt to handle. Try to approach intelligence knowing that, no matter what you do, you will never know everything about anything. The swords suite is only effective when tempered with a hefty amount of wisdom and caution.

Here are some things to ask yourself when you see the Knight of Swords in your readings. Does the Knight represent a person? If so, who? What message or lesson do they hold for you? What positive aspects do you personally have of the knight's? What negative aspects? Can you temper intelligence with wisdom? What are the upsides of intellectual pursuits? What do you consider to be included in the realm of the mind?

The Knight of Swords has a lot in common with the Page of Swords – surprisingly, the younger lad has many more positive aspects to him than the knight does. Both the page and the knight have a lot to learn about how to use the sword they have been given. The Five of Swords shares the feeling that the negative sides of the Knight hold – especially for the side that has lost their swords to the man in the Five card. The rough and untempered actions of the Knight can create pain for everyone else – exactly what is seen in the background of the Five of Swords.

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