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Many Americans may see the figure of Justice as a familiar one – she is often used on top of government buildings in Washington D.C. One thing that many may people may note, when looking at the Justice card, is that her eyes are uncovered. What happened to the wrap over her eyes? Isn't Justice supposed to be blind? The truth is that it was the Romans that made Justice blind – they way that they approached Justice was entirely by the books, without bringing active thought into the matter. True justice does not work like that – in fact, the figure of Justice atop the Old Bailey in London has her eyes uncovered. A blind Justice is not really Justice – how would she where wrong-doing lies?

Justice sits upon her throne, with the quintessential sword in one hand and scales in the other. As mentioned, she can see – no blindfold covers her knowledgeable gaze! A simple crown adorns her head, hovering just above her piercing gaze. She is the very apex of fairness – it seems that no wrong-doing can escape her sight.


Equality and fairness – this is what Justice calls us to bring into our own lives. For many of us, we go down our road with our accounts unsettled. We feel we have wronged others, and carry around a guilt because of that. Or perhaps we feel that others have wronged us, and as such we burn with the desire for revenge. These feelings can easily eat away at us, driving our actions and causing strife. Justice asks us to bring these things to light and ignore them no longer.

Justice also calls for accountability from us – she wants us to own up to what we have done, or to what others have done to us. While many of us can admit to avoiding blame, fewer will admit that we often take on blame that we don't deserve. Tell the truth as it is – without filters, slants, or complication. The truth hurts, as they say, but they also say that it will “set you free”.

Lastly, Justice asks us to see how all these actions work together – to see the cause and effect in every situation. You can't very well address who is in the wrong unless you analyze what caused the wrong, and what the wrong has caused. Many refer to this cause and effect as “karma” - what you do will catch up with you, whether negative or positive.

These are among the questions that you should ask yourself when pulling the Justice card. What have you done that might catch up with you? What have others done to you? Are you blaming yourself for anything that you shouldn't? Are you shirking the blame for something you should own up to? How can you make all your accounts equal?

Of course, Justice and Judgement are two cards that are made to go hand-in-hand. Justice is the one, after all, that passes judgments – she decides what needs to be atoned for. Judgement signals that atonement is nigh. If you are in the wrong, expect that judgment to be passed on you, while if someone else is in the wrong the judgment will be passed on them. The attitude of Justice can also be compared to that of the Emperor, and the cards do share many similarities – both cards ask for an impartial view of matters, and call for us to do what is needed and not necessarily what feels comfortable.

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